Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet and Ginger Scones

Happy Halloween to all my foodie followers! Who’s spent the day baking at home for celebrating the ultimate cooking Tricks & Treats? Today’s recipe is all about the latest home made Ginger ‘Spooky’ Scones with Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet, promoting one of my favourite local suppliers’ with their Award Winning Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet, gifted from Greka Foods. You can find out all about Greka’s … Continue reading Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet and Ginger Scones

Marco Pierre White

Close to one of the greatest shopping centres in the UK lies Marco Pierre’s restaurant in the fabulous Mailbox, Birmingham; the perfect surprise planned by my best friends for my 27th Birthday. The ideal place for food, shops & champagne! We had to take the elevator up to the top floor which overlooked the surrounding area, and the ‘Afternoon Tea with Champers’ option is what … Continue reading Marco Pierre White